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Cardiotronics Inc. is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the Meditech line of PC-based cardiovascular ambulatory monitoring systems. Meditech distributes it’s products to over 40 countries worldwide and is one of the leaders in ambulatory cardiovascular monitoring technologies. 

All products are government licensed for sale in Canada. The ABPM system has been validated by the BHS/AAMI protocols and published in peer reviewed journals (1). The Meditech innovative products include:

The world’s smallest 12 channel PC-based ECG (E-Lite)™.
An Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring device (ABPM-04)™. 
A unique combined and interactive ABPM/ECG monitor for ST segment analysis and heart rate variability measurements for hypertensive and coronary heart disease patients (Cardiotens)™
A 1 to 3 channel looping ECG event recorder  (CardioClip)™ with an extended recording capacity.
A standard 24-hour holter monitor (EC-GO)™.
A 24-hour full disclosure 3-channel ambulatory ECG and BP monitor with activity logging, position recorder, no compression storage on a multimedia card (CardXplore)™.

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Cardiotronics is a distributor of Omron Healthcare blood pressure products for the Canadian pharmaceutical industry. 

Omron Healthcare is a global manufacturer of diagnostic instruments and clinically validated blood pressure monitors for professional and home use satisfying the requirements of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), British Hypertension Society (BHS) and the International Protocol (IP).

1. The professional office blood pressure monitor (HEM-907) is widely used in clinical trials due to its high level of accuracy and reliability.  

2. Several models of the Omron home blood pressure products have undergone independent testing and peer review for accuracy and reproducibility and have been found to be satisfactory with A or B grades and recommended for home use. The popular HEM-711AC was ranked first in comparative testing by a major American consumer's magazine in June 2003. 

The results of these recommendations by the European Society of Hypertension are published in leading international medical journals (references: 1, 2).

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